Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Tokyo

I'm a huge horror fan, and one of my favorite areas of horror is the '80s slashers. There were two giants of '80s slashers -- Freddy Krueger and his A Nightmare on Elm Street series and Jason Voorhees and his Friday the 13th series. I always preferred the Nightmare franchise, but I also like the Friday the 13th movies and enjoy them on certain summer days (for that summer camp feeling), or as Halloween approaches, or -- obviously -- on a Friday the 13th. (I remember when TV stations would have Jason marathons whenever a Friday the 13th rolled around on the calendar -- what happened to that?)

So, it gives me a bit of a kick to see that Jason Voorhees kind of made an appearance in a Super Sentai. Movie monsters appearing in these shows is nothing new, but they're usually the old standbys -- the Dracula-esque vampire (often played by Kazuo Niibori), a werewolf, a Frankenstein Monster type. But in the 16th episode of Jetman, it's Jason who briefly terrorizes some citizens.

The plot involves the villain Toran creating a monster called Paper Jigen whose ability is to cause objects in images -- whether photographed or illustrated -- to come alive. At one point, a series of posters for a Friday the 13th knock-off (looks to me like it's called Kaijin of the 13th) is shown, and the machete-wielding, hockey-mask wearin' psycho jumps out of it. And not one, but five Jasons -- it's like a Sentai team of Jasons! Friday Sentai Jasonger! Too bad they never fight the Jetman team.

Gonin sorotte -- Jasonger!

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