Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Giving dorky PR titles to Showa Sentai shows

So, the latest thing to rattle fans of Sentai and Power Rangers is the way that they're leaving in Showa/non-PR Gokai Change footage in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. (Super Megadumb name for a show.) I can't say I'm surprised, really. The folks at Saban have never really given a crap about the content of the source footage. (I remember when people thought Gingaman was "too weird" for Power Rangers to use, but I knew they'd use it, because Saban don't care. People also would argue with me that Shinkenger was "too Japanese" to ever be usable for Power Rangers, but I knew they'd use it. Saban's shameless -- look at how they thought it was perfectly OK to try to edit three dated, different Metal Hero shows into one terrible thing called VR Troopers. So, I figured they'd lazily use some non-PR suits and brush it off with some lame explanation like "these are Power Ranger powers from super mega other dimensions!")

I watched the episode which had the Super Megaforce Rangers change into Ryuu Ranger, Yellow Mask and Pink Flash. While it kind of sucks to hear Pink Flash get reduced to one of Power Rangers' lame-o mid-fight bad jokes (Prism Boots "will give you the boot, HIYAAAAAAAA!"), I was kind of disappointed that the writers couldn't bother to give the old teams names. They were just "Legend powers, hiyaaaaaaaaaaa!" Like, I've always wondered what god-awful names the PR folks would come up with for Showa teams. I imagine it would be something like this...

Goranger: "Power Rangers Mighty Spies, HIYAAAAAAAAAAA!"
JAKQ: "Power Rangers Poker Strike, HIYAAAAAAAA!"
Battle Fever J: "Power Rangers Salute, HIYAAAAA!"
Denjiman: "Power Rangers Digi Dash, HIYAAAAAAAA!"
Sunvulcan: "Power Rangers Safari Musketeers, HIYAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Goggle V: "Power Rangers Gymnast Force, HIYAAAAAAAAA!"
Dynaman: "Power Rangers Science Bang, HIYAAAAAAAAA!"
Bioman: "Power Rangers Bio Blitz, HIYAAAAAAAAA!"
Changeman: "Power Rangers Spaceship Rollers, HIYAAAAAA!"
Flashman: "Power Rangers Crystal Force, HIYAAAAAAA!"
Maskman: "Power Rangers Lazer Lightning, HIYAAAAAAA!"
Liveman: "Power Rangers Animal Lifeguard, HIYAAAAAAAAA!"
Turboranger: "Power Rangers Gear Grind, HIYAAAAA!"
Fiveman: "Power Rangers Space Camp, HIYAAAAAAAA!"
Jetman: "Power Rangers Techno Bird, HIYAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Dairanger: "Power Rangers Hiyaaa, HIYAAAAAAAA!"

And I expect Go-busters would have been something like "Power Rangers Special Spy Force," which would become "Power Rangers Super Special Spy Force" when they got the upgrades for season two. Wait a minute, that's not right. It would be "Power Rangers Super Special Spy Force, HIYAAAAAAAAA!"


  1. My favorites were Safari Musketeers and Animal Lifeguard because of how ridiculous they sounded. I'm not sure they'd use something like poker strike because the writers working for Saban take the fact they are writing a show aimed at children a bit too seriously. How about: Power Rangers Card Sharks--even though there are no sharks in JAKQ (at least I think).

  2. Heh. As it turned out, the only place Shinkenger was too Japanese for was Korea. I called that one way early on and felt like I hit the game winning Hail Mary when they brought back Gaoranger instead. Then they replaced Shinkenred in the Ranger Key set with the sissiest of the Gokaigers.

    Anywho... I think your titles are too smart even for them. Megaforce and Super Megaforce...ugh. How about "Power Rangers Super Unit"? Or "Power Rangers Ultra Team"? "Power Rangers Hyper Pack"? Just throw a dart with random fake PR names on them at a list of the source shows and see where they hit. Presto, new titles.

    1. Damn. It was immediately pointed out to me that it was Battle Japan that was replaced with Gokai Green. > <

  3. These names still aren't as dumb as the great new classics, "Power Rangers New Powers" and "Power Rangers Blitz New Powers".

  4. I wonder if Saban fanboys will finally realize that Saban just doesn't care. They just care about playing it safe and only about their target audience. That's all.

  5. I bet the Dairanger team would be Mighty Morphin Star Rangers.

    Power Rangers seems to be dipping in whatever quality it has. To be fair, it never really had any quality, except for maybe PRiS-PRWF (and MAYBE PRDT, and MAYBE PRRPM).

    Nickelodeon is just adding salt to the wound with their asinine "20-episode per season rule". Hey, it's Nickelodeon. They think interrupting people's shows with crap like Nick Studios 10 is a great idea.

    PS, here's you when Changeman gets reduced to a Power Rangers' lame-o mid-fight bad jokes:

    The fact that it's the Megaforce/Super Megaforce cast would make your outburst even stronger. Hey, at least it isn't the Operation Overdrive cast (they're insulting EVEN to the Boukenger cast).

    1. About Changeman, Shougo and Angus.... well, they were reduced to that along with Flashman (called Prism apparently). Especially for their final episode: Legendary Battle.

      All I can say is this, Judd Lynn (guy responsible for In Space to Time Force), you have a uphill battle with Dino Charge.


    Shougo, feel free to sink your teeth into this.