Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mermaid & Phoenix

A damned easy custom project. Like I've mentioned before, I was disappointed that the Girls in Uniform line petered out before hitting more characters. I once saw a Japanese fan do a simple head-swap to make his own Mai/Change Phoenix, since her Earth Defense Uniform is the same as Sayaka's. I thought it was a really cool idea, but they used Megumi/Blue Dolphin's head, which I didn't think it quite matched Mai. So, I used a different head that I think better resembles Mai for mine. I held off on posting this because I thought people would think it's lame to talk about a custom that's just a head-swap, but this is my blog and I want to do what I want to do. Anyway, it's nice to have both Lady Soldiers represented.


  1. Looks great. Which head did you end up using?

    Oh yeah, and ofcourse you have the LP of the Changeman Music Collection, but I can't tell what the figures are on top of. A book?

    I never really got into the Girls in Uniform figures. A friend of mine bought me a box of them as a gift (he claims he got the box for $8ish on clearance). The Megumi figure is just incredible. I love the pose, the shorter hair look, and the blue outfit. The others...meh, I gave them away as freebies with high-ticket ebay items I sold later on.

    The only Girls in Uniform figure I would love, love to own is Tsuruhime in her ninja outfit. I never really felt motivated enough to get the normal-clothed version of her. Sadly a custom of that is pretty hard to pull off. > <

    1. Thanks. I ended up using one of them Ultraman versions of the Girls in Uniform line.

      Heh, the figures are standing on the insert of the LP. (When I posted the Changeman Ranger Keys, I had the same set-up, but for the Song Collection LP.)

      While the Girls in Uniform are a bit too cutesy looking for my liking, I still like it when they do new merchandise for old shows, and I always like when a toy is of the hero out of costume, so...I was sadly sucked in by the line.

      It's funny you mention Tsuruhime, because I was just watching some Kakuranger and thinking how I would have bought a Girls in Uniform of her if she was in her ninja outfit and NOT that insane hippie/grungy outfit she wears.