Monday, August 10, 2015

Diana Action

Well, since I just wrote about Spielban, I figured I don't have to go too far into how much I like it and Diana, who's one of my all-time favorite tokusatsu heroines. You can count on one hand the female characters who are allowed to do anything in a Metal Hero show, but Diana's the best of them. Tough, cool, funny, reliable, and she knows how to kick ass and do her own stunts. While Toei has a soft-spot for the Metal Heroes, Spielban's always lost in the mix. Even so, they most likely would never have done any kind of out of suit figure for Diana, like a Girls in Uniform. So, once again, I had to go custom...


  1. Nice custom. Maybe a tad on the skimpy side, but what are you gonna do? Hahaa

    It's a shame Makoto Sumikawa was wasted in RX. I don't remember her having too much to do outside of attacking Kotaro with a fruit knife that one time. Come to think of it...I liked that episode of RX.

  2. Thanks! Diana's outfit IS pretty skimpy, though. It borders on the obscene.

    And, man, I remember when I read about her being a regular in RX and building up all sorts of ideas of how she'd be in it and was soooooooo disappointed that they never gave her anything to do in the series. She might be even more useless than Machineman's Maki. And it was disappointing to see her character be so clueless, but I guess everyone in that show was. When even Koutarou's acting like a dolt...

    I think Sumikawa getting the short end of the stick is yet another reason I hate Joe. The focus the show gave to Joe should have been on Reiko. Koutarou even acts like he's more in love with Joe than he is her.