Monday, August 13, 2012

(By Request): Tsuchiya as Ryou and Wada as Kazu

The shot from the trailer for the Dairanger movie where Keisuke Tsuchiya is seen as Ryou and Keiichi Wada as Kazu. Now, I used to have this preview on my YouTube page before the companies had a field day removing stuff (leading to the deletion of my account), and I didn't save that video to reupload it anywhere, so I just wanted to point out that I saved the picture above from a Japanese site and it's not from my own video or screengrab.


  1. It's not everyday you see the Heavenly Fire Star in a leisure suit. Thank you for sharing this image with the English speaking world, Shougo.

  2. So so cool! THANKS Shougo!!! You're the best

  3. I dont think it would have ended so bad. The only problem with dairanger, actually, is not giving leader status to green.