Friday, August 31, 2012

Pet Peeves and Complaints, Part Uno

Maybe it doesn't make sense to other people, but I prefer when a Sentai team is referred to as just what's plain old ordinarily there in the title. "Goranger." "Maskman." "Carranger." "Go-onger." NOT "Gorangers," "Maskmen," "Carrangers," "Go-ongers."

I just think of it like band names. Some bands have a plural, like The Rolling Stones, but then there's Aerosmith. Go-busters is the only Sentai thus far with a pluralized name. You wouldn't say "Aerosmiths," so why say "Gingamen?" The team name's what they're called. Green Flash is a Flashman, a member of the team known as Flashman, not one of the "Flashmen."

And I know people think it's weird that a team with one or more women is called "____MAN," but there it is, that's their team name. (The X-Men are still referred to as the X-Men, right?) So, they need to bring back "___MAN" names, too, dammit!

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