Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Crazy Gokaiger Treasure

Saw this on eBay -- the Gashapon Ranger Key of Miss America -- complete with the peeling sticker action typical of the Gashapon Keys -- is apparently so sought after that there was a bidding war, with the final price being one-hundred smackeroos. I know this was the rare one of that particular release's line-up, but it's still nucking futs! Luka Millfy would have had no problem selling the actual Key for that price in the show. (Probably for even lesser than that.)


  1. Good lord! Makes me wonder what kind of coin the X1 Mask Ranger Key would get.

  2. CCLemon!! How have you been?

    Yeah, I really like your X1 Mask Key, and think it could also potentially rake in a lot on Yahoo Japan.

    1. I've been alright. You?

      I love your blog, man. Especially your Wizard review. :p