Friday, December 7, 2012

Sentai Suits Are Strong, and Made of Metal

If you're a Sentai fan, you've probably dealt with jokesters making comments about the spandex used to make a majority of the Sentai teams' suits and mocking them. "OMG, how is spandex supposed to protect the heroes, LOL!!!!!!!!!" Well, if you bother to watch the good shows, you find out that the writers came up with their own Toku-Science for this: the suits are obviously meant to have cybernetic or metallic elements or something like that. Duh. Here's a picture of what the Changeman suits are meant to look like underneath it all:

(This book also explained that the Power Bazooka components are summoned from the little box that's on the left side of the belt.)

There's also many instances where the suits, when taking severe hits in violent battles, will start to have the metallic elements emerge:

I always thought this was a cool little touch made by the show creators. All it takes is a little imagination, sucka!

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  1. That is why I love Go-Busters, they returned those really good suit damage suits and the feeling of watching those classic 80's Sentai shows.