Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finally caught up on Go-busters!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it! I didn't think I could, but I did it! I've managed to catch up on Go-busters! And wouldn't you know it -- a new episode aired today! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Go away, Go-busters! Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The show started off like molasses, and then, thankfully, Akibaranger came on and distracted me from Go-busters. I liked Akibaranger, and it's the show Toei should have aired as 2012's Sentai, but didn't have the balls to. Focusing on Akibaranger caused me to get behind on Go-busters, and episodes kept piling up, and jumping ahead to episodes like the TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE Gavan-Fake crossover didn't exactly inspire me to keep up with Go-busters. But, you know, I wanted to have it done and finished by the new show (and/or Akibaranger's second series), so I've been trying to finish it...

And. It. Was. SLOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW going. Actually, there's a brief period where Go-busters gets tolerable, but then it has its first "finale," and from the Gavan crossover on, the show becomes work and a test of patience; it's like watching somebody read a book about paint drying, in slow motion. No stories, no interesting characters, no entertainment -- just mecha. Just mecha, mecha, more mecha, and then more mecha, and mecha, and mecha, and mecha and then that horrible ending song.

The cast sucks, they've always seemed to me like the B-Team, like whoever Toei really wanted to cast all turned the show down.

Messiah, Enter and Escape are the most boring, useless, boring and awful "villains" of the Sentai franchise. Enter's basically like if the only villain in Maskman was Anagumas, and then the show decides to add another character, just the female version of Anagumas.

Parents must love this show, because not only is it an easy way to get a kid to fall asleep, but it can be used as punishment. "Hey, you better behave, or I'm going to put in a Go-busters episode!"

This show just might overtake the likes of Hurricanger, Boukenger and Go-onger as my least favorite Sentai show.


  1. It seems like the series has already ended but we're struggling to get to the 50 episode mark for no real reason. It's kind of a shame, because I thought this series had some potential.

  2. I agree with this. Go-Busters too has pretty much become my least favorite show.

  3. Hahaha, that was a hilarious read. Sadly, it's all true.

  4. I would actually like to know how a female version of anagmus would look like...
    Ho-busters did some good things. For example they don't have an overkill on mecha... I hate it when there is too much mecha...

    My least favourite sentai so far is probably Go-Onger... the only positive thing about Go-Onger is that porn actress... I just couldn't stand those bloody talking cute mecha... It was like seeing a sentai version of Cars... but then with a porn star as a villain.

  5. I... like Go-Busters and Enter is probably, one of those rare competent Sentai villains in recent memory. So yeah.

  6. Righter's Block -- yeah, I've sat there watching the show thinking "Geez, why don't they just cancel toku shows anymore?" Go-busters could have ended after 30, which would have only been five episodes shorter than JAKQ, and they could have done a quick little money grabbing show until Kyoryuger or, heck, I think reruns of Shinkenger would have probably made them more money rather than to let Go-busters go in circles and die a painful and ugly death.

    Shir -- Go-busters may have only had five mecha instead of 500, but the way the show focused on its mecha (including the Buddyroids), they might as well have had 500 mecha. Hurricanger is the last Sentai I can think of where entire episodes would take place in the mechas' cockpits, and that they'd have mecha fights in the pre-credits scene.

    UkiyaSeed -- A lot of people like Enter and say he's one of the best Sentai villains in years. I feel like Enter and Escape are far too bland to be the only villains we follow for the entire series. Sentai has had monsters of the week with better characterization than either of them. And what happened to Enter -- he used to be kind of comedic and lively, and then the actor inexplicably decided Enter should be a zombie and he should start saying EVERY line of dialogue in a torturous monotone.

  7. @Shougo: One thing I notice about Enter is that there is that he has this kind of "character" growth that I rarely see happen in secondary villains in Sentai. They started dropping bits of Enter's mannerisms like his love to wear costumes every episode till they reach the first finale.

    The episode after the Gavan team-up gave me this impression that they are building Enter up as the final boss kind of character as they made the him more serious with some bits of childish-ness left in him like what we saw in the first part of the second finale and that he thinks that reviving Messiah is just a game.

    Based on the last episode of Go-Busters that I watched (46), Enter is finally the main bad guy in the series and not one of the avatars Messiah created. I don't know if I haven't watched enough Sentai but that kind of growth from that guy who creates monsters to the main villain is quite a huge jump in terms of villain development.

    As for Escape, yep, she is one bland female villain.

    1. Can't really call Enter a secondary villain, he is the only active one in the series. Messiah can barely speak more than 4 words.

      And i think that's more part of the series retooling than a genuine character growth.