Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh Pink? More like Gosei Red.

I posted this at HJU before, but I came across it going through an old folder and got a chuckle out of it again. Remember those Power Rangers Auto Morpher toys? Sentai had a couple and, while it sounds like a nice idea, they always looked pretty bad. The worst, though, has to be the Oh Pink one. Tamao Satou, one of the most popular actresses of the franchise, considered to be one of the best looking actresses in Sentai, gets this sorry excuse for a figure -- the sculptor must have hated her guts. But it does bear a strong resemblance to Goseiger's Yuudai Chiba, wouldn't you say? So you could buy it to make your own Alata figure!

No wonder Tamao stayed away from toku for so long!

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  1. Yep. The OhPink figure really looks like Alata.