Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shougo's Ranger Key Collection

The Ranger Key nightmare is over! Bandai took their sweet time releasing the Ranger Keys, but they've finally finished releasing all of the Sentai heroes. I'm sure there are plenty of completists out there who bought every single Ranger Key released, but I wanted to focus on my favorite teams/characters/performers. As I said before -- I at least wanted one hero from each team.

Oh, noes! Love triangle.

As much as I love Kakuranger, I HATE Saizou, so I didn't want to buy his Key.

NRFB -- nerd alert!

Ones I bought to represent Power Rangers characters I liked -- Jen, Jason (NOT Rocky, he sucks) and Kimberly.

Gaoranger VS Super Sentai's Dream Team

On Japan Hero, someone once asked what your own Sentai Dream Team would like. Here's Shougo's Dream Team.


  1. Nice collection. I didn't really buy many of the gashapon keys (sets 1-6 were kinda donated to me). I'd love to have a set of Liveman, Dairanger, and Kakuranger but I've already sunk way too much money on things like the Treasure Chest and those DX key sets.

    Awww no love for Saizo? He's not a great character, but he had some of my favorite episodes in the show. He is kinda just...there. Atleast you could count on Seikai to be the first one to be captured.

    1. Thanks! Speaking of that Treasure Chest, I would buy that if it held more than, like, 15 Keys. They needed to come out with a nice place to store these overpriced bastards.

      As for Saizo...it's mainly the actor. He just seems like he tries really, really hard to be funny, and just isn't up to par with the rest of the cast. But, I can't remember when I last watched Kakuranger -- compared to some of the new overbearing "funny" guys like Shinken Gold and Kyoryu Epstein, Saizo might seem better in comparison.

      And, again, why do the Megaranger Keys look so bad? They're like Beetlejuice at the end of the movie. What's the opposite of SD? And then look at Shurikenger, whose noggin is freaking HUGE. Bandai...

    2. Grrr. I tried to reply on my phone but I guess it was lost in the interwebs.

      The DX Treasure Chest holds 70 keys IIRC. I managed to stuff it with basically all of my loose keys. Plus it comes with the glorious clean Ninjared key.

      I don't know about Saizo. I've always managed to look past the bad acting to see what he really is...a failure. He seriously gets shat on pretty hard whenever he tries to get ahead. He lost his gold coin payment AND wallet after completing the maze, his new suit and sweet Honda City were cut to ribbons by Ami Kawai (not to mention that private picture getting out), and his plan to pretend to be the human guise of Daimaou failed almost immediately. Hahaa.

      Ugh. I've always had that gripe with Ranger Keys. Some of them looks like they were designed by a completely different company. Denjiman, Changeman, Turboranger, Zyuranger, Ohranger, Carranger, Megaranger, and Timeranger all pretty much had featureless helmet sculpts and decals. Some of them seemed to be fixed in later releases (Changeman namely) but if you put them all together they don't look consistent.

      Like how Gored is missing the lining around his visor that the other T Bros seem to have. That's kind of another reason I never bothered to go further in to collecting them.

      The Megaranger ones are pretty hopeless no matter what. I think the opposite of Super Deformed is just deformed. Heh.

    3. The Ninja Red Key is one thing I regret about not just buying the chest...my Ninja Red is the only main Red that's a stinkin' Gashapon.

      You make Saizo sound more interesting than I remember him. :P Like I said, I might need to rewatch Kakuranger, but if I do and end up feeling like I need to buy the Ninja Blue Key, I'm blaming you. :P

      I think Bandai half-assed some of the Keys because they didn't even know if they'd release them all, and then they turned out to be popular, so... What's funny, though, is that the non-Dragon Changeman Keys actually look better than the props. If you look at a close-up of the Keys in the show, they're all like Dragon's Key, where the visor's not even outlined, but the Gashapon's actually have that detail. It's weird.

  2. Wait, so who is the Yellow Four in your dream team?
    And here I was thinking that I am the only guy who hates Saizou!
    Also, nice collection.

  3. I didn't know you liked Momoranger~

    Dia Jack is easily the best character in JAKQ

    Those Battle Fever Keys look beautiful. Btw, I'm still wanting to hear more of your thoughts on the show Shougo! x)

    I see DenziBlue is there. Kenji Ohba fan?

    Nice~ The whole Dynaman set! Such an awesome cast! =D

    Only Red One and Yellow Four for the Bioman set. xD

    I wish they had an X1 Mask Ranger Key.

    Wow you must really love the Turborangers to get all five of them =D

    You got White Swan? Just needed a love triangle?? xD

    Those Dairanger keys look sweet! But there needs to be Daigo!!!

    So OhPink is there as well~

    I really want a full Carranger set.

    OMG, I want the full set of Gingaman keys!!! O__O All six of them I want!!!

    I didn't know you liked Shurikenger.

    Wish there was an AbarePink key.

    MagiRed and MagiYellow??? 0__o My pick would've been MagiGreen xD

    Gekiranger keys look pretty cool too. Would love a full set.

    I didn't know you liked Go-onRed xD

    Went out of the way to get both red Shinkengers?

    You actually got the GokaiXmas and Go-onWings Keys??? xD

    No Go-Busters or Kyoryuger keys??? Nah, I perfectly understand, lol xD

    Great collection Shougo! =D

    1. "No Go-Busters or Kyoryuger keys???"

      There are no Kyoryuger keys (yet).

    2. > I see DenziBlue is there. Kenji Ohba fan?


      > I wish they had an X1 Mask Ranger Key.

      Same here. But check out CCLemon's custom if you haven't, it's awesome.

      > You got White Swan? Just needed a love triangle??

      I like Kaori, I just never liked how Inoue wrote her in those last couple of episodes.

      > I didn't know you liked Shurikenger.

      What's not to like -- he turns into old Sentai actors! I just think he would have been cooler if they didn't get Taiki Matsuno to voice him. He's funny, but a very odd dude.

      > Wish there was an AbarePink key.

      That would have been funny. Seriously, if they can do OOO Keys, they could have had an exclusive one of her. And Akibaranger -- where's an Akibaranger set!?!!?!?!?!!?!?

      > MagiRed and MagiYellow??? 0__o

      I think Kai's funny, and I like Tsubasa as a character. I should have bought Blue, just to sort of have a Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma set.

      > Went out of the way to get both red Shinkengers?

      Well, the male one came with the Mobirates, so that one was easy. I considered buying the set of five, but since I kinda don't like Chiaki...

      > No Go-Busters or Kyoryuger keys???

      The Ranger Keys were Gokaiger's thing, so I feel like Go-busters shouldn't even have any. The line should end with Gokaiger. Although, if they come out with those Metal Hero Keys from Superhero Taisen Z, I probably would want a couple of those.

      If I had to buy a Go-busters Key, though, it would definitely be Beet Buster, because he's the only one on that show I came close to liking.

    3. No love for J? He is basically a robot with a manly voice with a personality of that of a 5-year-old child. Can't believe that for a robot, he had some great character development.

    4. Eh, I didn't like J much. I thought he was like a bad cross between Deneb and Gosei Knight.

  4. Great collection!

    Some observations and questions:

    1) No Kiranger, no Goggle Yellow and no Yellow Owl... Do you have something against fat heroes? :-)

    2)Who is Vul Eagle? Ohwashi or Hiba?

    3) Dia Jack is really the best of JAKQ´s team... he was the first Sentai´s tough guy.

    1. Thank you! :)

      1) I don't have anything against fat heroes. I just don't find those three interesting.

      2) I always liked the earlier Sunvulcan episodes more than the later ones, so I'm going to say Ohwashi.

    2. NICE Collection!!!! I was surprised Shougo no Sayaka in your Dream Team line up?!? ;)

    3. Thanks! I love Sayaka, but I tried not to have multiple members from the same team on my dream line-up.

  5. There is an Abarepink ranger key out right now with the metal heros