Thursday, June 27, 2013

IMDB -- Inaccurate Movie Database

Look, I know people should know by now not to trust the IMDB, especially when it comes to something niche like tokusatsu, but I have seen people repeat some of the information found there, even recently, so I think some things need to be cleared up.

-Kotaro Tanaka (Ryu/Red Hawk) is not married to Rika Kishida (Kaori/White Swan). This is a rumor started and perpetuated by the American fandom, as you'll find jackcrap if you Google it on the Japanese Google. (The rumor on the Japanese end, strangely enough, is that Tanaka dated Sayuri Uchida, aka Ako, which has also been debunked.) In a 2004 Jetman reunion in Toei Hero Max, it's said that Kishida is married to a businessman and they live in Shanghai due to his job.

-The kid who played Toran is not the kid who played Kai in Zyuranger. Solved by a simple Googling of actor names.

-Kei Mizutani was not in Jetman.
-Ryousuke "Umizu" was not in Jetman.
-Haruna Ikezawa has nothing to do with any toku that's not Voicelugger, yet someone places her name in every toku ever.
-Wakiko Kano (Gavan's Mimi) did not play Maria/Miss America.
-Keita Amemiya had nothing to do with Maskman or Liveman.

-Mitsuko Horie did not play Spielban's mother.
-Mika Katsumura (Yuuri/Time Pink) did not play young Diana.
-Masaru Nagai (Tatsuya/Time Red) did not play young Spielban.
-Rei Sato (Gaoranger's Tsuetsue) did not play young Helen. These last four really irk me, because all you need is your eyes and some brains to know it's BS. (Spielban's mom is a whitey, for starters.)

Where do people come up with this crap?!

And don't trust Wikipedia, either, kids.


  1. Thanks for clarifying that up, the lie that Tanaka and Kishida are married has been carried out by one bullshit.
    Also reguarding to Timered and Time pink as Spielban and Diana was another one too. Gotta love whoever started this urban legend!

  2. On the otherhand, there is Kakuranger...where all the rumors are true. Cameos aplenty!

    Rumors are pretty obnoxious. Even ones where people lift the rugs up on every corner of the internet for information on upcoming episodes. I'm still waiting for Dekapurple to show up...

  3. So I wodner who Kotaro Tanaka is married to. I ended up buying the lie for YEARS that Tanaka and Kishida got married, thanks for clearing that up.

    Yeah, it's VERY ANNOYING to get deceived by these lies. Really, opinions and disagreements are okay but lies are a different issue.

    Yeah IMDB has a LOT of inaccuracies in its databases. Thanks for sharing the truth.

  4. They both are married I heard somewhere that kaori's actor is married ryu in real life

  5. They are married for sure! Look at her baby. You can say it is Kotara's by looking at it's face. The other rumour is lie. That she married chinese actor. It is the blue one who married him.