Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The funniest thing you'll read all week...

Of Japanese Power Rangers fans (are there any?), someone supposedly said:

"Japanese Power Rangers fans seem to find the show much darker, cooler, and more complex than Super Sentai could ever manage."


Even Go-onger seems like a Shane Carruth work compared to ANY Power Rangers series. C'mon! Who would even think... Evidently, I missed the season where the Power Rangers decided, instead of cleaning up the park on the weekend after doing all of their homework on a Friday night, to go on some sort of Clockwork Orange-styled frenzy.

Whew, that was a nice laugh.


  1. I know the most recent instance of this nonsense comes from someone finding the newest Power Rangers thread on 2ch and then cherry picking posts to translate. There are definitely a lot of Japanese who think Power Rangers is this big...mature thing, but not nearly as many as people would like to believe. They also want to make it seem like it's the most active thread on 2ch when it's been on the same edition since like, freaking February.

  2. Mighty Morphin' Droog Rangers! Can you imagine Trini with the eyelash tattoo (Trini because she would look the best with it).

  3. If s/he is referring to RPM, I can agree on that. But as for the rest, "WAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Boy, that is one good laugh.

  4. This comment sounds like the words of the asshats who randomly chime in on my Dragonbuckler Prop video comment section. Here are some choice quotes if you don't feel like reading:

    "It's ironic that you hate the show so much, when Toei actually regards it well. They have actors come back to dub the voices in the Japanese version. Toei has actors and directors of PR appear at Japanese functions. You can't say PR hasn't influenced it positively, either. Especially, when Toei makes contrary statements. Koichi is doing Ultraman specifically BECAUSE of his work on PR. Toei LOVES the Battlizers and other American additions."

    "It's funny you speak as if "true" toku fans love SS and hates PR. When, PR has a decent following in Japan. Japanese magazines try for better coverage, and release closer plot details and spoilers, earlier. American actors and directors are brought to Toei events. People import the American toys, just as we import the Japanese ones.

    The very same people you seem to think will hate PR because they only watch "quality", are fans of PR."

    ...all this coming from a clown whose avatar is them wearing a DBZ Scouter while making a duckface. He also called me a "blind fanboy". I'm kicking myself for not calling him a "delusional shit skid".

    Anyway, yeah, I don't know anymore.