Friday, December 19, 2014

Get off my lawn!

Someone on HJU posted their ideas for the Superhero Taisen movies, one of which was an animated team-up of the original Kamen Rider series and Goranger. He goes on to say "[They] should be played by the current rider and sentai actors since the old ones won't reprise their roles and they will be probably be dead in the future."

OK, it's animated, so their ages shouldn't matter, and plenty of them have returned before, either in the flesh or in voice-only appearance, so I don't understand this "won't reprise their roles," but...WHAT?!?!

Now, I know the internet is mysterious and you never really know people's ages, but when I read someone say something like this, I assume they're about 12 or 13 and anyone over 16 is just so old and geezery to them and they think they have one foot in the grave. I don't mean to single this guy out, because it's something that's come up A LOT in topics when discussing possible future Sentai anniversaries or team-ups. "2016 will be the next anniversary, and most of the Showa actors might be dead." I've read people say this shit. Multiple times. Let's just focus on Goranger for now. I don't care how old you are, why in the fook do you act like 1975 is, like, the Cretaceous period? NONE OF THE FIVE SURVIVING GORANGER HERO ACTORS ARE EVEN IN THEIR 70s YET!!!!! And I know this might sound insensitive to say, but if Baku Hatakeyama (Kiranger #1) hadn't committed suicide, he might still be alive today. (And he would have only turned 70 this year.)

Haven't any of these kids seen The Expendables? Because today's young performers are all dandy anorexics who stopped growing at 13, the old action stars are still used because they can still kick ass, especially in comparison. You know why every movie in Hollywood has been remade except for the classic '80s action movies, which instead get new sequels? Because a 50-something Bruce Willis can still beat people up while a Justin Long risks being blown away by the wind or a Zac Efron is unable to form a fist.

Don't underestimate old folks!


  1. I agree with you, I have never understood people who say that mess, some of those older actors are still in decent form and heck some of them can still kick butt And 2016 is only a year in a half away. So unless something unexpected happens, all of the older actors are'nt gonna drop dead around that time period. -_-

  2. Im guessing that the main concern if they bring them back is that they wont be able to have high speed out-of-suit fights. Every one of the Taisen movies have that and when they brought back Ichigo and X they looked, well, tired. Still, they are great actors and having them back would be great, except if it is in a Taisen movie.

  3. Ah yes, one of the many reasons why I put forums in my rearview mirror (that and the idiotic rumors that people break their necks over to report first--I'm still waiting for Dekapurple to appear!).

    "...since the old ones won't reprise their roles and they will be probably be dead in the future." alert.........we're all going to be dead in the future. That is, unless, Demon Kakka wrote that post.

  4. Reminds me of this post I saw on Rangerboard once where person A was suggesting Toei make a Sentai team out of past members and the next person replied with "That'd be awesome! It'd have to be from Gaoranger-onwards though, anyone older wouldn't be able to do stunts"... I sighed a lot at that moment.

    Anyways, I take solace in the fact that even though I have a black belt in karate, someone like Kanako Maeda or Naoya Makoto could still kick my butt, lol.