Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Revenge of the Ranger Keys

I wanted to post the last couple of Ranger Keys I bought to complete my collection -- those weird little odds and ends that Bandai Premiuim came out with.

The weirdest damn team-up ever.

And, just when I thought I was done with Ranger Keys, comes this latest addition...

Yui Ibuki! I had a spare Change Pegasus key and thought it would be perfect to customize into Ibuki and had a friend make it. Yui Ibuki has one damn funky design, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out -- I know if Bandai had made it, they probably wouldn't have included the shoulder spikes or as many horns -- but I'm really happy with it. (And since it uses a Change Pegasus key, it will get Tomokazu Seki to scream "Changeman!" when used with the Mobirates.)


  1. Nice selections. Jiraiya, Jiban, and Janperson were the only ones I really wanted from that set.

    I genuinely thought about getting that Metal Hero set, but then I realized that I probably shouldn't spend another nickel on Ranger Keys since they really need to just die at this point.

    Speaking of Premium Bandai, did you order Juspion? Juspion only means that Spielban is next! :D That and Juspion looks great. Hahaa.

    1. Sad to say, but if Bandai announced they were continuing Ranger Keys with ALL of the Metal Heroes or the good Kamen Riders, then I'd probably be sucked back in. I was happy to see the line go, because the little bastards were so expensive, but...there are other characters I think would be fun to see.

      I don't keep up with PR stuff, but it seems like even they are still pumping out Ranger Keys -- I saw some talk of a key for VRV Master (er, Phantom Ranger), and was kinda secretly hoping Bandai America would just go nuts and release characters that Bandai Japan didn't.

      I didn't order the Juspion Figuarts. (Yet?) I feel like I really need to rewatch the show. I've seen it in its entirety once and, while I enjoyed it, I'm a bit fuzzy on the show. I liked Mad Gallen, too, but am a little pissed they'd release him before they'd have Diana Lady, when I feel he's even more of an obscure character. Figuarts will do just about anything to avoid releasing Sentai or heroine figures.

    2. If they managed to release Tackle, I can't see them skipping over Diana...maybe even a Diana and Helen set ala G-Stag and Reddle. That would be simple enough for them to produce. Heh.