Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rage, Power, Freedom

Allow myself to introduce myself -- Sir Shougo B'Stard. If you frequent Henshin Justice, you should be familiar with my posts. Or if you were a member of Japan Hero (RIP), you would know me as Tetsuya Sawaki. If you were a fan of my murdered YouTube account, you'd know me as Ibukichokan and are still probably wondering when the next WTF Moment in Tokusatsu installment will be uploaded.

"So, Shougo, why be the last person to start a blog," you might be asking. Well, there's a lot of silly or trivial things I often feel like letting out, but just felt like it would be out of place or self-indulgent for a discussion forum. Knee-jerk reactions, venting, kooky theories, reminiscence... The more I thought of it, the more I thought a blog would be...freeing.

So, come on down as I shoot the sheet about henshin heroes -- the good, the bad, the action, the music, the awesomeness of Kazuo Niibori, the craziness of Yutaka Hirose's get-ups, the awfulness of Shun Shioya's acting, why anime style is killing henshin heroes as we know it, all the usual stuff I've gotten into fights about. Welcome to Them's Fightin' Words.